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5-year or 100 000 km warranty, whatever comes first

Whatever your ambition, Kia is always by your side with quality vehicles tested under extreme conditions.

Proven Quality

Kia takes the lead in quality rankings. We are constantly improving quality standards and control systems for Kia vehicles through our development, production and innovation departments.

Spare parts and accessories

The warranty period for service spare parts is 12 months or 20 000 km, whichever comes first, counting from the date of installation by the distributor or its authorized resellers, or the purchase date without installation by the distributor or its authorized resellers.

No limit left untested

After launch, the new Kia Sorento was driven in extreme situations over 1.1 million kilometers, the equivalent of 27 laps around the world. This is the ultimate proof of our commitment to quality. All new Kia vehicles are certified by our warranty center.

Our quality standards

  • Comfortable driving
  • Optimized driving comfort, interior insulation ans steering stability
  • Emotional quality
  • Seat performance, ergonomic design of the control system and sensory satisfaction
  • No defects
  • Good performance and reliability of the electronic system in adverse weather conditions
  • Durability
  • 1.1 million kilometers of driving tests under different conditions around the world

Your responsabilities


You are responsible for the proper handling and maintenance of your Kia vehicle according to the instructions outlined in your user manual. If your vehicle is handled under harsh driving conditions, you should follow the instructions described in your user manual.

To obtain the Warranty Service

You must drive your Kia vehicle, along with the warranty manual, to an Authorized Kia Dealer during its normal business hours. Although any Authorized Kia Dealer will perform warranty services, Kia recommends that you return to the dealer who sold you your Kia vehicle, as a way of ensuring continuity.

Maintenance Record

It is advisable to keep the maintenance records of your vehicle updated as they may be necessary, in some cases, to show that the required maintenance has been carried out. The Maintenance Program Record must be filled out whenever maintenance is performed. Keep all receipts and keep them available in case questions concerning maintence arise.

Not included in the warranty

Regular maintenance service

This comprises checking, tightening and/or adjusting the engine, adjusting the fuel injection system, balancing the tires, lubrication, transmission oil, changing engine oil, brake fluid, gearbox oil, steering wheel oil, water and battery acid, antifreeze, window cleaning liquid, gas cooling system and tire changes.

Natural consumption and corrosion 

This includes, for example:

  • Spark plugs
  • Front and rear brake pads
  • The clutch and its parts
  • Windshield wiper arms
  • Filters
  • Lights, fuses (circuit breakers)
  • Seat belts
  • All other consumable parts

Regular maintenance parts (consumables) are covered by the warranty and are replaced in the event of a material or manufacturing defect.

Damage and loss not covered by the guarantee

For example:

  • Neglect of proper maintenance procedures as outlined in the owner’s manual
  • Misuse, overload, accident, theft, flood or fire
  • Use of inappropriate fuel, fluids or oils that do not meet the recommended specifications
  • The use of non-original parts
  • Any device or accessory not supplied by Kia
  • Any modifications, damages, manipulation, alteration or incorrect repair
  • Damage to rubber parts under normal conditions of use or exposure to the sun
  • Minor, undetectable defects that do not affect the quality or performance of the vehicle or its parts, such as faint sounds or vibrations that are part of the character of the vehicle

The contents mentioned above constitute the warranty coverage and the terms and conditions of all Kia vehicles. However, warranty coverage of Kia vehicles for commercial purposes, i.e. when the vehicle is rented or put into service as a company vehicle or operated commercially for profit (e.g. as a taxi, demo vehicle, rental vehicle or fleet vehicle), will differ from the above-mentioned conditions.